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Developer - Amateur Photographer - Linux Person

Coding is a passion ♥

Originally from Birmingham, educated in Kidderminster, and now living in Malvern, I find myself as an Operations Manager by day, and by night a combination of developer, winemaker, scam-baiter, and amateur photographer, but terrible at DIY.

I mainly work with PHP, NodeJS, Python, perl and Java, but I have also been known to work with C#, Go, Delphi and C++ - from my first published application on a UK magazine called PC Format in 1998, to a follow-up on .NET in 2001, I moved into web applications. Firstly into ASP, but then onto PHP where I came runner up for an Enterprise competition for a hosting project I worked on. After that, I came joint second place for a PHP SMS One-Time-Password implementation which could be used for two-factor authentication. Recently though, I have been working on my three main projects, as well as a few smaller ones which will be released once completed and tested.

The Pornolizer is a PHP application which rewrites the content of a website to make it rude, running since the year 2000, it has been developed from perl, Python, .net to it's second iteration of PHP. The core of which is now available as an open-source package for all to use.

After rewriting the Pornolizer, I developed ResolvR, which is an open-source ad-blocking DNS resolver which helps bypass the issues experienced with ad-blocking code found on an increasing number of websites. The benefit also being that it can be used with smart devices such as TVs to help eliminate tracking and adverts.

My latest on-going project is LibreScan, which is a free vulnerability scanner for websites. Enter your website address, follow the validation requirements, and a report gets generated after the site has been scanned. Simple, but effective. Further development will allow for automated form-based authentication, scheduled scanning, and much more!

My Projects

The Pornolizer

The Pornolizer has been a staple of the Internet since 2000. It takes a web page of the visitors choice, and adds amusing adult content into it.
Originally written in perl, then Python, then in .net, it's current form is now in PHP, at it's heart is an open source composer package which can be integrated into any web application project that needs it. Over the last couple of years, traffic has peaked at around 250,000 requests per day as certain porn sites decide to run their entire catalogue through to change the wording. This then added the requirement of a simple API. Nowadays, it's simple childish adult fun.

Visit Open Source Composer Package

LibreScan - 100% Free Vulnerability Scanning

LibreScan is my 100% free vulnerability scanning platform based on OWASP ZAP. It's under active development, with the intention of including form based authentication and also scheduled scanning.
To prevent abuse, the site to be scanned requires validation through one of two methods - Either a specially crafted file is added to the document root of the site, or a DNS record is added for the domain name. There is a third option of bribing me, but this has not been taken advantage of.



ResolvR is an open-source, NodeJS based DNS server which blocks known sources of adverts, malware and other rubbish. The benefit of handling this at a DNS level means that there is an additional level of protection for smart devices.
The other cool feature of ResolvR is to be able to see in realtime any DNS queries made from your IP address. The link to the realtime monitor can be found on the website, as it is subject to change at times depending on development.
For those who do not want to run the DNS server themselves, ResolvR runs on my dedicated server - the details can be found on the website.




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